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Image by Li-An Lim

Do One Thing

The DOT challenge is a pledge to Do One Thing to help the environment and cool the climate for every day in the month of November. This can be anything from carrying a reusable water bottle to buying vintage clothes. The person who provides photo/video evidence of the most DOTS over the course of the month will win $100.

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Measure Your Carbon Footprint

We can take as many small steps as we want, but until we are aware of our impact, we will remain more or less powerless in combating climate change on a personal level. Gathering your household together, and as a group discover your carbon footprint. Post your results on social media (if you don't have access, email results to

Image by Charles Deluvio


Re-usable Water bottle

Buy an eco-friendly, carbon neutral, reusable water bottle. Even better if you can get it from a company which supports a community in need. If you already have one, get one as a gift for a friend. Here are some brands to consider when buying. Be sure to try and buy them local too! Snap a pic of you using your new water bottle, or a pic of your friend opening their gifted bottle.

Image by Fakurian Design
Image by Adalia Botha


Go Veg

Make a meal with your household that's veg-based. If you're already vegetarian, make a vegan meal! If you're already vegan, cook for a non-veg friend. Try and buy your ingredients from a local market or farm share. One extra dot point if you post a recipe online. Send pics of your meal and recipe!


Repurpose Plastics

Re-use plastic containers, bins, bags and other random items for something new. Take-out containers are now drawer sorters, plastic crates are bookshelves. Get crafty and send in your pics.

Image by dan lewis
Image by Kelly Sikkema


BYO Container

Bring your own reusable container to a restaurant for left-overs or take out. Snap a pic at the restaurant with your gear. Even better if you tell a staff member what you're doing and snap a pic with them too!


Alternate Transportation

Sustainable mobility is the future. How that looks will be different for every person. During these 30 days, test out new ways to travel. Walk or bike to school. Carpool to youth group. You get the idea. Don't forget to take pics of your new mode of transport.

Image by Nhi Dam


Watch Islands of Faith - available on Netflix

Through the lens of faiths and cultures in seven provinces in Indonesia, this documentary follows individuals who strive to address climate change. Get an extra DOT if you view with at least one other person (other FCByouth do not count). Think about the ways your faith impacts how you see your role in the changing climate. 

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