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Queer Advocacy Retreat

Across the country students are working to create safer places for LGBTQ young people. School clubs and student-led initiatives that focus on LGBTQ youth have been a driving force in improving school environments, and influencing social change within communities.

Our Queer Advocacy Retreat is a weekend designed to bring together LGBTQ young people, allies, advocates, community organizers, and school staff. The weekend offers a place for young people connect with one another, share their voices, develop friendships work together towards LGBTQ justice. This retreat, as all Unirondack events are, is a welcoming space for folks across the gender spectrum regardless of identity, expression, or orientation.

If you or someone you know is a high school student interested in helping create environments that are inclusive and affirming, pack your bags and head to camp. Unirondack staff, community educators and trainers will be offering games, activities and workshops that will help participants develop their leadership skills and address LGBTQ issues in their community.

DATE: June 3 - 5

AGE: For High Schoolers

FEE: FREE thanks to GLSEN!

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